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By A. A. Milne, Ernest H. Shepard

"Winnie-the-Pooh is a pleasure; filled with solemn idiocies and this kind of jokes one weeps over helplessly, now not even realizing why they're so humorous, and with all of it the genuine wit and tenderness which by myself may perhaps create a helpful little masterpiece." Saturday Review1926

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On Tuesday, whilst it hails and snows, the sensation on me grows and grows that barely anyone is familiar with If these are those or those are these. On Wednesday, whilst the sky is blue, and i've not anything else to do, I occasionally ponder whether it’s precise That who's what and what's who. On Thursday, while it starts off to freeze And hoar-frost twinkles at the bushes, How very with no trouble one sees That those are whose—but whose are those? On Friday— “Yes, it really is, isn’t it? ” stated Kanga, now not ready to listen to what occurred on Friday. “Just yet another bounce, Roo, expensive, after which we actually needs to be going. ” Rabbit gave Pooh a hurrying-up type of nudge. “Talking of Poetry,” stated Pooh fast, “have you ever spotted that tree correct over there? ” “Where? ” acknowledged Kanga. “Now, Roo—” “Right over there,” stated Pooh, pointing at the back of Kanga’s again. “No,” stated Kanga. “Now bounce in, Roo, expensive, and we’ll cross domestic. ” “You should examine that tree correct over there,” stated Rabbit. “Shall I raise you in, Roo? ” And he picked up Roo in his paws. “I can see a chook in it from here,” stated Pooh. “Or is it a fish? ” “You should see that chook from here,” stated Rabbit. “Unless it’s a fish. ” “It isn’t a fish, it’s a bird,” stated Piglet. “So it is,” acknowledged Rabbit. “Is it a starling or a blackbird? ” stated Pooh. “That’s the total question,” stated Rabbit. “Is it a blackbird or a starling? ” after which eventually Kanga did flip her head to seem. And the instant that her head was once became, Rabbit stated in a noisy voice “In you pass, Roo! ” and in jumped Piglet into Kanga’s pocket, and stale scampered Rabbit, with Roo in his paws, as quick as he might. “Why, where’s Rabbit? ” stated Kanga, turning around back. “Are you very well, Roo, pricey? ” Piglet made a squeaky Roo-noise from the ground of Kanga’s pocket. “Rabbit needed to pass away,” stated Pooh. “I imagine he considered whatever he needed to move and spot approximately all of sudden. ” “And Piglet? ” “I imagine Piglet considered anything while. abruptly. ” “Well, we has to be getting home,” acknowledged Kanga. “Good-bye, Pooh. ” And in 3 huge jumps she was once long gone. Pooh taken care of her as she went. “I want i'll bounce like that,” he notion. “Some can and a few can’t. That’s the way it is. ” yet there have been moments while Piglet needed that Kanga couldn’t. frequently, whilst he had had an extended stroll domestic throughout the woodland, he had needed that he have been a poultry; yet now he notion jerkily to himself on the backside of Kanga’s pocket, And as he went up within the air, he stated, “Ooooooo! ” and as he got here down he stated, “Ow! ” And he was once asserting, “Ooooooo-ow, Ooooooo-ow, Ooooooo-ow” the entire approach to Kanga’s residence. after all once Kanga unbuttoned her pocket, she observed what had occurred. only for a second, she suggestion she was once worried, after which she knew she wasn’t; for she felt relatively certain that Christopher Robin might by no means permit any damage take place to Roo. So she acknowledged to herself, “If they're having a funny story with me, i'll have a comic story with them. ” “Now then, Roo, dear,” she acknowledged, as she took Piglet out of her pocket. “Bed-time. ” “Aha! ” acknowledged Piglet, in addition to he may well after his Terrifying trip.

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