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By Ian Williams

With its specific aroma and heady buzz—the excellent accompaniment to even the spiciest tacos—tequila has gained its approach into drinkers’ hearts world wide. There are few locations in the world in addition to Mexico that experience the weather and terrain to adapt the agave plant that makes tequila—and there are even fewer those who have the persistence to attend the seven years or extra that it takes “the tree of marvels” to develop. during this publication, Ian Williams provides a full of life background of this powerful and renowned drink. starting with pulque, the drink fermented by means of the Mayans, Olmecs, and Aztecs and reserved for pregnant girls and priests—and their sacrifices—he strains how the Mexicans distilled tequila and mezcal (mescal) and commenced its heady surge into international attractiveness. From twenty-year añejos to giggle-inducing margaritas to the bravado—and regret—of that around of pictures, he deals a heritage as gripping because the drink itself.

Williams visits numerous tequila manufacturers, vendors, and connoisseurs to inform the tale of the way tequila began within the agave lands of Mexico, grew to become an icon of younger inebriation, and built, this day, right into a really artisanal product drawing the main discerning drinkers. Peppered all through are illustrations that seize tequila’s Mexican historical past and advertisement snapshot. together with recipes for tequila-based cocktails, in addition to recommendation at the deciding to buy, storing, tasting, and serving of tequila, this historical past will satisfaction any beverage aficionado or someone drawn to the heritage of Mexico and its culinary riches.   

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