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By Desmond Morris

The glossy, noticed leopard could be the smallest of the large cats, yet its ferocity and solitary sort makes lions and tigers appear puny compared. missing the social mentality of alternative animals, the leopard is stealthy and egocentric, ambushing its prey and sporting it excessive right into a tree the place it could possibly dine on my own. people name leopards the “perfect predator." In Leopard, popular zoologist Desmond Morris seeks to teach each side of the cat, delving into the attention-grabbing background of those terrific animals.
Morris examines the leopard’s athletic attractiveness, predatory ability, cautious shyness, and crafty intelligence whereas additionally exploring the animal’s parental devotion, choice for solitude, and potential for revenge. as well as tracing the evolution of leopards, he considers how people have regarding the animal all through heritage. Leopards, he indicates, have lengthy featured within the artwork, mythology, and folklore of historical Greece, Persia, Rome, or even England, the place they've got now not lived for numerous millennia. yet people and leopards don't constantly coexist peacefully; as Morris explains, leopards were recognized to assault people while their meals is scarce or they're injured. He finds how people have exploited the cats, trying to educate them for circus roles, and the way at the present time a few individuals are now making strides towards the leopard’s conservation. He additionally describes their wealthy symbolism, appearances in literature and movie, and using the leopard print in either high fashion and down-market fashion.
filled with compelling photographs of this outstanding animal in action, Leopard sheds new gentle on those lovely cats.

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