Download E-books Home Brewer's Gold: Prize-Winning Recipes from the 1996 World Beer Cup Competition PDF

By Charlie Papazian

America's grasp domestic brewer
exhibits you the way to make the easiest beers at the world.

In 1996, the brewers of the realm met the final word challenge:the international Beer Cup foreign festival. extra than250 breweries entered their best creations in sixty-one differentcategories ahead of a world panel of beermaking experts.Only the main extraordinary examples of the brewmaster's artqualified for the head award: the Gold Cup. And now, you could tasteall those prize-winning brews -- at home.

Here's all you want to be aware of to make 5 gallons of every Gold Cupchampion brew. in accordance with brewery info, lab research, tasting notes,and Charlie Papazian's quarter-century of domestic brewing experiencehere are recipes encompassing:

  • British ales, bitters, porters, and stouts
  • Ale within the American, German, and Belgian kinds
  • Pilseners
  • top class, darkish, ice, and dry lagers
  • Bocks
  • mild beers
  • Malt liquors
  • Herb, spice, and fruit beers e Non-alcoholic malt beverages
  • And a lot more.

Chock-full of knowledge in regards to the profitable breweries, brewing kinds andinternational beermaking traditions, Home Brewer's Gold represents thestate of the artwork in domestic brewing.

The world's top beers, served up by way of America's maximum domestic brewer --
This book's for you!

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Good attenuated and intensely quenching, with lightness within the mouth believe. Hop bitterness is in excellent stability, no longer suggesting bitterness yet glaring and delivering the counterpoint to the malt personality. Aftertaste is fresh. Diacetyl is absent within the taste. As its identify indicates, this can be a beer that isn't tiring. appropriately carbonated, extra so than a standard English light, yet very fresh. • Recipe for five U. S. gallons (19 liters) Seabright consultation Ale goals: unique Gravity: 1. 036 (9) ultimate Gravity: 1. 006 (1. five) Alcohol by way of quantity: three. seventy five% colour: 23-25 SRM (46-50 EBC) Bittering devices: 25 ALL-GRAIN RECIPE AND strategy 23/4 lbs. (1. 2 kg. ) American 2-row Klages faded malt 23/4 lbs. (1. 2 kg. ) English 2-row faded malt 1 lb. (0. forty five kg. ) American caramel malt-80 Lovibond 1/4 lb. (114 g. ) American wheat malt 1/4 lb. (114 g. ) American Victory or different fragrant malt zero. 1 lb. (45 g. ) American chocolate malt zero. 1 lb. (45 g. ) American black malt 6. 2 lbs. (2. eight kg. ) overall grains four HBU (113 MBU) American Fuggles hops (pellets)—60 mins (bittering) 1. 25 HBU (35 MBU) American Fuggles hops (whole)-30 mins (bittering) 1. 25 HBU (35 MBU) American Goldings hops (whole)—30 mins (bittering) 1/4 ounces. (7 g. ) American Fuggles hops (pellets)-steep in entire boiled wort for two to three mins (aroma) 1/4 tsp. Irish moss 3/4 c. corn sugar for priming in bottles. Use 0.33 cup corn sugar if priming a keg. Wyeast 1056 American Ale yeast A step infusion mash is hired to mash the grains. upload 6 quarts (5. 7 l. ) of 138-degree F (58 C) water to the overwhelmed grain, stir, stabilize and carry the temperature at 128 levels F (53 C) for half-hour. upload three quarts (2. nine l. ) of boiling water. upload warmth to deliver temperature as much as a hundred and fifty levels F (65. five C). carry for roughly 60 mins. After conversion, increase temperature to 167 levels F (75 C), lauter and sparge with four gallons (15. 2 l. ) of 170-degree F (77 C) water. gather approximately five. five gallons (21 l. ) of runoff, upload bittering hops and convey to an entire and energetic boil. the complete boil time can be 60 mins. while half-hour stay, upload taste hops. whilst 10 mins stay, upload Irish moss. After a complete wort boil of 60 mins, flip off the warmth, upload aroma hops and enable steep 2 to five mins. Then separate or pressure out and sparge hops. sit back the wort to 70 levels F (21 C) and direct right into a sanitized fermenter. Aerate the cooled wort good. upload an lively yeast tradition and ferment for four to six days within the basic. Then move right into a secondary fermenter, relax to fifty five to 60 levels F (13-15. five C) and make allowance to age for 2 weeks or extra. while secondary getting older is entire, major with sugar, bottle or keg. permit situation at temperatures above 60 levels F (15. five C) until eventually transparent and carbonated. MASH-EXTRACT RECIPE AND method FOR SEABRIGHT consultation ALE 2 lbs. (0. nine kg. ) English extralight dried malt extract 2 lbs. (0. nine kg. ) English 2-row light malt 1 lb. (0. forty five kg. ) American caramel malt-80 Lovibond 1/4 lb. (114 g. ) American wheat malt 1/4 lb. (114g. ) American Victory or different fragrant malt zero.

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